Origin of the name Hinsley

The surname Hinsley was historically concentrated in southern Lancashire and western and southern Yorkshire. I believe that it, like Hinley and Hindsley, is a variant of Hindley, derived from the Lancashire town of that name; persons moving from Hindley to other settlements would (sometimes) take the name of their previous residence as an identifier, which later evolved into a surnane. (Hingley is more likely to derive from the town of Hinckley in Leicestershire.)

Famous Hinsleys

Sir Francis Harry Hinsley, OBE, historian and cryptanalyst, known for his work at Bletchley Park during WWII, and for his subsequent writing on international relations and British Intelligence.

Arthur, Cardinal Hinsley, 5th Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster.

Other Prominent Hinsleys

Andrew P. Hinsley, bacteriologist

Anthony Hinsley, author of "Testing Electrical Installations: A Practical Guide for Electricians"

Chris Hinsley, games developer

Professor Curtis M. Hinsley, historian, at Northern Arizona University

David Hinsley, former member of Canadian rock band Faber Drive

Elizabeth Hinsley, horticultural researcher at North Carolina State University

George Hinsley, English soccer player

Harvey Hinsley, guitarist with the pop group Hot Chocolate.

Jerry Dean Hinsley, baseball player

John Carroll Hinsley, American legal write

Ken Hinsley, American football player with Philadelphia Soul

Luke Hinsley, English soccer player

Dr. Matthew Hinsley, classical tenor and guitarist, in Austin, TX.

Dr. Shelley A. Hinsley, ecologist and ornithologist, with the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Hinsleys on the WWW

Stewart R. Hinsley, software engineer, recreational mathematician and amateur botanist

Malcolm G. Hinsley, software entrepeneur and marathoner

Dan Hinsley

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